Berea, Ohio Engagement Photoshoot

I get asked many times about the best photography locations in Northeast Ohio, and without thinking, Berea would be on my top-3 list. For engagement sessions, I love starting at the Berea Falls Overlook. With its old stone train bridge, giant boulders, waterfalls and rapids, it resembles a mountain ravine. Follow that up with Coe Lake, a very clean and accessible park with pathways, bridges, and a spectacular trellis and lake fountain. Berea’s diversification allows every photoshoot to tell its own story.

I was excited to take Mallory and Michael there for their engagement session. Mallory and Michael met their very first day of college at Cleveland State, and have been dating ever since. They are such a genuinely friendly couple, and their love for each other is easily seen in their interactions. There are many highlights, but I got to say the photoshoot featured my favorite jump ever. Michael conducted a full split in mid air, while Mallory’s reactions below were priceless.

It was an absolute delight working with Mallory and Michael, and the connection we made has me so excited about their November 2019 wedding.