Fall Engagement Photoshoot at Hiram College

Kristen and Art are such a delightful couple…fun, creative and playful. They are truly a Rising Star couple. Their October engagement photoshoot started in a heart-warming way. Kristen’s parents were selling their house, and Kristen wanted to capture all the special details of the yard she grew up in, that supplied many special memories, including the koi pond, hydrangea’s, the trellis, and her favorite tree overhang.

On a second day, we traveled to where Kristen and Art’s relationship started…Hiram College. I have discovered over the last few years that college campuses provide incredible backdrops for photoshoots, and obviously have tremendous significance for my couples. Hiram was no exception. From a harvest picnic, to Art’s old dorm building, to save-the-date pumpkins, the fall season was on full display, and in a very creative fashion. My personal favorite was the campus garden, that was glorified with rich, harvest colors.

We ended the evening at Kristen and Art’s favorite college hangout, Sean’s Pub & Eatery in Garrettsville, and warmed up in the rustic Irish decor. A very special thank you to the staff at Sean’s for their hospitality. Having grown even closer to Kristen and Art on this beautiful evening, I drove home with a big smile on my face, so enthusiastic for their April, 2021 wedding.