A Cleveland Halloween Wedding

There is just something about Halloween that makes a perfect wedding. Going into the 2018 season, we had one key date open…October 27. There was a reason for this, as we met Courtney and Keith at the Michaud’s Bridal Show and literally had instant chemistry. Their personalities, enthusiasm and charm were so appealing. When Courtney told me the wedding was going to be a masquerade theme, we were sold.

There is literally too much to talk about, but there were smiles and laughter around every corner, including the Olmsted Falls covered bridge elaborately decorated for Halloween, and the splendor of the Crop Bistro bank vault. The fun was just starting as we traveled to the Trinity Cathedral grounds. Courtney and Keith are huge lovers of cosplay, and it was time to show off a variety of masks and props. Even Michael Myers arrived for the occasion.

The night ended at Michaud’s with a packed dance floor of Halloween and classic favorites, along with incredible decor and theming. We needed one last shot to make the night perfect, so Keith put in a pair of plastic fangs and went in for a vampire kiss on Courtney’s neck. Trick or treat? Oh, this wedding was a treat we already want to relive all over again.