Peacock Ridge Wedding, North Lawrence

Peacock Ridge, in North Lawrence, Ohio, is a fairly new venue that has grown drastically in popularity, and for good reasons. With the quaint barn, elegant lake altar, and sweeping landscape views, it has become a favorite venue of mine, with a few more weddings slated in the next year.

Christina and Andre were a referral from a past couple of mine, and I instantly had a great connection with them. Their fun-loving personalities and genuine smiles are showcased in their wedding pictures. Nothing was going to prevent them from enjoying every second of their wedding day…a true Rising Star couple.

There is simply too much to say, but I will close with a miracle. On my way to Peacock Ridge, the weather forecast was inevitable. The skies were overcast and the chance of rain was 70-100% all day. I arrived at Peacock Ridge to Andre smiling, saying how the forecast was going to turn. I looked at my phone on the spot and the chance of rain went to zero. Shortly, the clouds lifted, and even though it was raining to the north and south, and all-day patch of partly sunny skies and huge puffy white clouds surrounded Peacock Ridge. It could not have happened to a nicer couple.

Huge recognition to Nom Nom Cupcake Factory in Canton for supplying some of the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes, as you will see the salted caramel below.