The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue

October 20, 2020 started as a chilly, rainy day, but the fall colors of yellow and orange were on full display, nestled into the hills and treehouses of The Mohicans, while leaves blanketed the ground. There was also enough green left for superb contrast. It was an impeccable backdrop that blended with the sunflower and pumpkin theming.

We normally meet our couples in person before they hire us, but distance and the Covid pandemic prevented Erin and I from meeting Chloe and Chris, who grew up in Asheville, Ohio near Columbus. They were high school sweethearts and waited eight years to get married in order to establish their careers. Meeting them for the first time on their wedding day was pure bliss. They are both gentle souls who have such charm, consideration, and loving personalities. With a limited guest total because of Covid, their families also welcomed us as family.

When it was time for outdoor pictures, the rain stopped, and the temperature warmed. It could not have happened to a nicer couple. When you work with Chloe and Chris, you barely have to direct them. They are so happy and genuine, that we just captured their true love story right before our eyes.

This was a day we will never forgot…it was as though we were all on a vacation retreat. Erin and I left that evening with huge smiles, having met new friends, and feeling an inner peace experienced at Mohican State Park.