Berea, Ohio Engagement Pictures

I was telling someone the other day how the weather has shifted over the years. As a child, I remember vibrant autumn colors by the second week of October, and often a light snowfall before Halloween. Fast forward, Octobers are getting warmer, and autumn waits until late October, and even early November to be on full display. Such was the case with Chakira and Joshea’s engagement session, on a crisp, but colorful, November 4th day.

Chakira dazzled in a long, flowing yellow dress, leaving Joshea beaming. Their affection for one another masked the cold temperature, and made for a sparkling evening in one of my favorite locations of Berea, Ohio…specifically Berea Falls and Coe Lake. I am elated for Chakira and Joshea’s September wedding, where another dynamic background will be on display…Gervasi Vineyard.