Wedding Ceremony at St. Mary’s Church, Hudson | Wedding Reception at The Bertram, Aurora

Music filled the air from beginning to end for Carrie and Kevin’s wedding, who now live in Nashville. The couple both attended Hudson High School, but never knew each other. It wasn’t until after high school when they finally met, this one time at band camp. St. Mary’s Church was a magnificent display for their elegant ceremony, and Carrie’s attention to detail with her blue bottomed shoes, and pocketed dress. Close friends played vital roles, including the priest, organist and lead vocalist.

As guests entered the Bertram Inn for the reception, they were invited to sign one of the couple’s favorite vinyl albums, which will be used as their guest book, and a very cool idea. Kevin is a member of the Tennessee band, Dynamo, whose members made the trip to perform a couple special songs, with Kevin joining the band on saxophone for the second song.

You can visit the band’s website at

Afterwards, everyone in the room could be found tearing up the dance floor, and the evening never once let up. Carrie and Kevin know how to host a party, and it was without a doubt a “Rising Star”.