Berea-Midpark High School Senior Portraits

I met Ashlyn, also known for her stage name Judelyn, at the start of her senior year in the fall of 2022, and learned she was a gifted singer, guitarist and songwriter, who had released two singles. I quickly noticed she projected a quiet self-confidence, a quality that genuinely directed the photoshoot, showcased against the backdrops of Berea Falls and Coe Lake.

Judelyn released her first full album, “I’ll Never Understand,” in March 2023, featuring 11 tracks. Inspired by artists such as Lana Del Ray, Judelyn’s music expresses personal growth with a soft tone and angelic voice, but with deep and honest lyrics.

I am cheering on Judelyn in her future success. In fact, she is performing her first Nashville show this summer. Follow Judelyn’s career at, and listen to her debut album on Spotify and Apple Music.