Fall Engagement Photoshoot at Tri-C

In scheduling Ashley and Jonathan’s engagement session, Ashley mentioned she would like to conduct it where it all started…at Tri-C’s Western Campus. Having started my collegiate career at Tri-C, I initially could not picture a two-hour session there, but I have to admit when I am wrong. Memories came flooding back to me, and specific locations were endless.

Ashley and Jonathan met while in the Visual Communications/Graphic Design program, so we had to take advantage of that exact department, along with the courtyard and lake benches where Ashley and Jonathan often relaxed between classes. Their passion and playfulness for each other is so evident in every picture, and the whole session was completely natural.

Ashley and Jonathan really complement one another and look so cute together as a couple. After getting a few night shots, we did not want the perfect September evening to conclude, and ended up talking in the parking lot for another 30 minutes. I am very excited about their wedding next month.