Blue Heron Wedding

When you meet Alyssa and Nate for the first time, you just fall in love with them. They are so friendly, caring, genuine and mature. I was overjoyed when a picture perfect day with deep blue skies awaited them on their wedding day.

It was meaningful for Alyssa and Nate to spend private time together for their portrait session, and we agreed that a first-look reveal was the best solution. The Everett Road Covered Bridge in Peninsula supplied the perfect backdrop. Afterwards, we met the bridal party and families at their venue, Blue Heron in Medina, which supplies the most spectacular outdoor venue in Northeast Ohio. Alyssa and Nate now had the rest of the evening to enjoy every aspect of their ceremony and reception.

Erin and I were privileged that Nate entrusted us with a secret for the ceremony. Alyssa’s sister, Ashley, is autistic. Before Nate presented Alyssa with her ring, he presented Ashley with a ring that symbolized his vow to care for her forever. There was not a dry eye in the venue.

After a jubilant dance floor with family and friends, we ended the evening with a few dramatic night shots in front Blue Heron’s illuminated fountain. Ashley and Nate are truly more than clients…they became wonderful friends. And, as luck would have it, I can literally walk to their house on a nice day.